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Would you like to be a brand? Branding can take you one step further of your competitors. Corporateness is inevitable for a company to create and strengthen its sectoral presence as well as outpointing its competitors. You are in a right place. We will be delightful being with you at every step of this process.


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237 Setting Before Press, Computer to Plate, Montage, Plate

The plate, which is obtained at the end of the process of 'Setting Before Press' is conveyed the printing press machine after the ink settings so that press process is started.

Post-press process of the product to be sent to the customer involves binding, folding, collating, putting cover, wire stitching etc.

What is CTP?

Removing the film generation and chemical usage layer, this technology provides the ability to transfer project from Desktop Publishing to press plate.

What is CMYK ?

It stands for 'Cyan Magenta Yellow Black'. If no special color is required, these colors these colors created by certain trams are printed on the top of one another. All colors come into existence with the blending of these four colors.

What is Form ?

It is the folded printed paper to be part of a multi-page works. Form is one of the basic calculation units used in printing, and consist of 16 pages, eight front and eight back.

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